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21-Day Love it or Leave it Closet Decluttering Challenge

Join me AUGUST 1-21 and get clarity on what's in your closet and the confidence to craft your wardrobe!


Intentionally get dressed and make a decision to keep or toss that outfit.

Got too many clothes? Not sure what to wear?Every day, wear something you don't normally wear and after that day, decide to keep or toss it. Commit to donating the items you don't love. I've created a calendar of suggestions to inspire colors or themes for that day, but you can wear anything from your "maybe" pile. Sign up and receive the August calendar!


This is part fashion show, part decluttering and all FUN!

I'll do a video or post a photo and a prompt every morning during the challenge and you can comment with what you are wearing that day. Participate as much as you can. There will be prizes!

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