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Hi there, Simplifier, I'm Carrie!

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I’ve been a lover of stuff since I first got my hands on the Sears and J.C. Penney’s toy catalogs. I used to spend hours organizing my beloved treasures. Not only did I love organizing my things, I became a pro packer when we moved a lot when I was young. As an adult, my organizing and project management skills helped me through many life transitions, including moving into the dorms, relocating from Iowa to Colorado, combining households with my husband, and maximizing living space in small quarters.  


My passion and skill for organizing was put to the test when my grandma passed away and we were tasked with the downsizing of her home. Overwhelmed and grieving, I summoned all of my organizational ability to make sense of the clutter, pack up beloved items, and minimize the excess.


After this endeavor, I realized I was not alone. In fact, I had the skills and compassion to help other families downsize and proactively plan for opportunities to declutter.  


In 2018, I created Tidy Butterfly as a way to document my decluttering journey and search for effective organizing solutions. Today, I am an experienced professional organizer and I can help you declutter, downsize and organize your home to reflect your journey.

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Photo: TobyMac, rescue pup and personal assistant.

Charlee 9.2023.jpg

Photo: Charlee, rescue pup and task manager.


Carrie Blackburn is a member of the Iowa Professional Organizers (IPO).

Tidy Butterfly, LLC is a top professional organizer listed in the Polk County directory on

Code of Ethics I stand By:

Client Relationships

  • I will respect my clients, their spaces, and will remain non-judgmental throughout all interactions.

  • I will only provide services in areas in which I am competent and knowledgeable.

  • If other professionals are needed, I will do my best to connect you with qualified individuals and/or companies.

  • All fees for services will be honestly represented and provided upfront. 


  • Any and all client information will be held with the utmost of confidentiality and will not be shared with anyone. 

  • Client testimonials and/or photos will only be used with explicit permission provided by the client.


  • Any and all fees associated with services will be provided upfront and  never hidden.

  • For any change in fee structure, a 60-day notice will be provided to existing clients and only effective towards new projects not within original agreement. 

  • I will not financially benefit from any products and/or services recommended.

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